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This community is a private space. It’s a distraction-free home for all of your questions and conversations related to financial freedom without Wall Street. Sure, there’s some water-cooler conversation (we like to have fun, too). But you won’t see your college roommate’s baby pics or your angry uncle’s rants here.

Collaborative Learning

We’re a community of experience---not 'know-it-alls.' Our goal is to learn together. You'll see courses, polls, blogs, podcasts, online events, and lots of great question and answers within the community.

Intentional Networking

We love to watch how our members connect. We’ve seen alliances forged, and friendships formed. We make it easy for you to find and connect with others in real life (if you like that sort of thing) to talk financial strategy and all things Wealth Without Wall Street.

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Your Financial Strategy is Flawed

We all want to have confidence in our financial strategy, see great returns on our investments and have access to our money when we need it the most. Unfortunately, conventional financial strategies, and likely the one you're using now, provide none of the above.

Most individuals find themselves operating at the mercy of the market where it's hard to understand and you definitely have no control over the outcome. Or, maybe you take the safe route where your money is accessible, but then you're stuck with the .1% return on your savings account.

We get the dilemma because we lived it ourselves until we found a better way. An alternative strategy that minimizes Wall Street risk, keeps you in control of your money and generates passive income with benefits today and in retirement.

We created this Community to provide you with these same benefits. Learn more below.

What's Included in the Community

Mastermind Mentality

It's one thing to learn from an expert in a field, but real breakthroughs happen when multiple minds come together. At the core of our Community is a mastermind mentality. Bringing the best minds together so we can learn from each other and accelerate the wealth building process.

Case Studies

You've asked and we've listened. Within the Community you can access detailed case studies that outline various financial strategies and the outcomes produced. No more listening about what to do - rather, see the results and lessons learned from others that have actually done it. 

Expert Access

While we pride ourselves on being a leader in our field, there are many great minds out there. Our Wealth Without Wall Street podcast is a central place where we interview the best of the best and learn about their strategies. What's amazing is that these thought leaders are also members of the Community. Whether through post-podcast Q&A sessions or on-demand access, you can now tap their expertise on an ongoing basis.

Live Training

One ore more times a week, one of our expert staff will conduct a live training session focused on a specific aspect how we help clients build wealth without Wall Street. These topics will fall within one of our 5 core pillars: Cash Flow, Life Insurance, Real Estate, Lending and Businesses/Investments. Each session will also consist of live Q&A to ensure you execute your financial strategy with confidence.

Online Courses

While live training sessions are always ideal, our busy schedules don't always allow us to attend. That's why we've created multiple online courses so you can learn when you have time. From the basics of building wealth without Wall Street to advanced strategies, our courses will meet you where you are and let you learn at your own pace.

Mobile App

We live our lives on the go, which means our mobile devices play a key role in ensuring we stay connected and productive. Our Wealth Without Wall Street Community app does just this by providing on-the-go access so the learning never stops. In addition, discover other Community members nearby so you can connect in-person, build a deeper relationship and maybe event partner on a business deal.

What Members are Saying

What I love about the community is that I can invest wisely and put time in my pocket by polling experts in the field rather than digging through dozens of books or hundreds of articles on the internet.

Richard Phillips

I really enjoy the almost weekly live training sessions with guests who are experts at what they do. They are able to tell the story and explain what goes on behind the curtain when it comes to running their own businesses, growing passive income, and how their whole life policies work to facilitate all of this.

Jay Elliott, CPA

I'm not really a social media kind of person. Although I post things from time to time for family/friends - I've made it a point to not sit and scroll through what people are doing all day long. The point here being I like the notifications on topics I might be interested in

Dawn Paresa

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